EARTh – Integrated Enterprise Architecture Roundtrip Approach

Within EAM guidelines and models will be defined which are used or refined in projects. Projects should be conform with the planned architecture. Unfortunately the project architecture differs from the planned one. This changes have to transferred from the project architecture to the as-is enterprise architecture orchestrated by a quality management process. Additional it should be assessed how this changes affect the planned enterprise architecture. In this research project an approach should be developed aiming at a continuous and systematic alignment of the project architectures to the enterprise architecture and vice versa. To achieve this aim the integration of the used tools by ITERGO has to be promoted. This includes the adjustment of related processes, transfers of information between the tools and the delivery of all needed information the EAM customer.

Architecture roundtrip model

Architecture roundtrip model

Based on the consistent architecture the current state can be assessed and alternative evolutionary scenarios can be created and evaluated. To realize this an architecture analysis and rating method should be developed. This inherent identification and measurement of EAM related KPI.

Project information

Project start & end:
until 2019