Procedure for Bachelor and Master Thesis Projects

To give you an idea of how thesis projects are done at our research group, here is an outline of the procedure:

Time What
usually 6-8 weeks before the start

You look for a topic. All available thesis topics offered by our research group are listed under open thesis topics. Note that if a specific supervisor has no open topic or there are no open topics at all, this means that we right now have no capacity to supervise more thesis topics.

Contact the supervisor for the thesis topic(s) of your interest to find out whether the topic is still available and to ask for an appointment.

  You get familiar with the topic and prepare your proposal talk. In this talk you present your research questions / objectives and how you want to approach them.

You give your proposal talk and receive feedback from us.

After the talk we fill out the registration form and send it to the examination board of the computer science department. After some time, the examination office will send you a confirmation for the thesis registration that contains the deadline for your thesis report.

10 weeks after the start For master theses only: You give your intermediate talk and receive feedback from us. The intermediate talk should cover the results you have obtained so far and what work remains to be done.
1 month before the deadline You should focus on writing and finalizing your thesis report.
at latest at the day of the deadline You prepare and submit your thesis report. Make sure to prepare the correct the number of copies and any additional documents that you may need to submit along with the copies. Consider that you need some time for printing and binding the thesis report. You must submit the copies of your thesis report and any additional documents to RWTH Aachen’s examination office (German: “Zentrales Prüfungsamt” (ZPA)).
within 2 weeks after the deadline Finally, you prepare and give your final talk where you present the key contributions of your thesis project.

During the project’s time you have meetings with your thesis supervisor.