Metric-based Project and Process Management

It is commonly known, that projects management greatly benefit by the application of metrics. However, research shows that it is demanding to find the right metrics; 58% of all project managers and 50% of all senior managers find it difficult to collect, analyze, and use the right metrics. On the one hand, metric frameworks like GQM help to derive metrics from abstract goals for the project. On the other hand, defining measures just for one project (in a multi project organization with a lot of similar projects) is costly and ineffective. Hence, it is wise to reuse metric experience (metric definitions, evaluations, and models) as all experience can and should be reused. Although considerable research has been devoted to the modeling of metrics and metric frameworks, rather less attention has been paid to investigating how the results of this research (metric meta models, metric frameworks, and metric experience bases) can lead to a sound concept for metric reuse. Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop such a concept for metric reuse. The concept should be enriched by metric processes which include metric reuse as well as dedicated tool support for metric documentation, metric reuse and metric calculation.

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until 2017

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