Tools for Jupyter Notebook Mining

Course registration & instruction language

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This course is for master students only and the instruction language is English.

Course Description

Jupyter Notebooks are a widely used tool in the industry when it comes to experimenting on ML solutions. This lab aims to mine, analyze, and interpret how developers are working with Jupyter Notebooks to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and knowledge to improve the development process. The participants are provided with an initial set of tools (automatic activity-based cell labeler, history tracking tool) and are challenged to develop approaches that provide insights into development activities within Jupyter Notebooks. These approaches are then implemented and integrated as Jupyter Notebook extensions.

During the lab, students should learn and practice various skills in the field of software engineering. Organisational and interpersonal skills are to be trained on the one hand by independently carrying out a software project in a team over several months.Teams will be formed interdisciplinary, frontend or backend knowledge is beneficial. This lab will involve building Jupyter Lab extensions, which are JavaScript or TypeScript based (see official documentation:


The lab will take place during the lecture period in the winter semester 2023. Attendance is mandatory for all dates. Justified exceptions for individual dates may be possible by prior arrangement.

Regular dates

  • TBA

Individual dates

  • Kick-off meeting, on the first regular date.
  • Alpha milestone presentation, expected to take place on one of the regular dates.
  • Presentation of the beta milestone, expected to take place on one of the regular dates.
  • Final presentation, *date to be announced.

Course information

Course type

Software project lab


Winter semester 2023/2024

Course language
  • English
Course level
  • Master
Credit points 1


1: The actual number of credit points can vary depending on the study program's examination regulation version. Consult your examination regulation's module catalog or the campus information system to see the valid number of credit points.