Goal-based Process Improvement

Nowadays, the software market is expanding and clients are requesting better, faster, and cheaper software products. One important impact factor to project success is the quality of the applied IT-processes. Hence, more and more organizations are obligated to identify, structure, and improve their processes systematically. There is a variety of reference models (RMs) known as maturity-, process- and quality-models as well as standards, norms, etc. that can be used. Organizations have to decide which of these models they want to use. The adoption of multiple RMs allows an organization to exploit synergy effects between them. On the one hand organizations can address co-coordinately different and common areas. On the other hand the weaknesses of a single RM can be overcome by the strengths of others.

The aim of this project is to develop a model based approach that provides an objective and semiautomatic selection of improvement practices of multiple RMs that best fit to an organization. To select the best suited practices the organizations’ internal processes, wishes, problems, environment etc. have to be considered. The selected practices have to address the improvement potentials of the internal processes and the organizations’ wishes. These are reflected by the goals of the organization. The selected practices should also be evaluated and filtered according to their return on investment. According to goals and on this analysis improvement practices can be selected that are extracted from similar or standalone practices from a build-in repository of all considered RMs. For an efficient implementation of the RMs, the traces between the improvement practices and their corresponding RM practices and the dependencies between the improvement practices are also given. For efficient adoption and further selection of improvement practices, the implementation of the improvement practices should be continuously monitored considering the given goals.

Project information

Project start & end:
until 2015