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Dr. Simona Jeners
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Goal-based Process Improvement


Latest publications:

  • Simona Jeners (2015):
    Model-supported Process Adoption and Assessment in the Context of Multiple Practice Repositories, Shaker Verlag Düren Ph.D. Thesis. RWTH Aachen University. PDF
  • Chittaphone Chansylilath, Simona Jeners (2014):
    Evaluation and Improvement of MoSaIc Reference Models Comparison Approach. In International conference on Intelligent Systems, Data Mining and Information Technology (ICIDIT’2014), Bangkok (Thailand), April 21-22, 2014, pp. 51–56.
  • Simona Jeners, Rory O’Connor, Paul Clarke, Horst Lichter, Marion Lepmets, Luigi Buglione (2013):
    Harnessing Software Development Contexts to Inform Software Process Selection Decisions. In Software Quality Professional , Vol. 16, American Society for Quality, pp. 35–36.
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