An Integrated Pipeline Development Environment for JARVIS

With Agile Software Development gaining more and more popularity, concepts such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are supported by more and more software. One such software called JARVIS is developed at the chair of software construction at RWTH Aachen. JARVIS features a Pipeline Description Language without tooling support to check for correctness. Therefore, a development cycle in JARVIS is connected to many unnecessary steps. We therefore want to add tooling support in the form of a Pipeline Development Environment (PDE) to JARVIS. This thesis successfully introduces a PDE based on the Language Server Protocol to JARVIS, making tooling support available both in JARVIS itself as well as most IDEs. During the development we also developed a new PDL that can, in the future, replace the currently used PDL. Our evaluation concludes that the PDE offers most desired features that are known to developers from IDEs to a satisfactory degree, offering sufficient tooling support for a decrease in the number of development cycles necessary.

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Oliver Hildebrandt