Business-process-centered Approaches to Software Architecture: A Systematic Mapping Study


Businesses nowadays integrate software systems to support their business processes. Since business processes often must be adapted to changing business requirements, the supporting software systems need to be evaluated and evolved accordingly. To ease such efforts, theories and approaches have been developed to align software architecture with dynamic business processes; however, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the field is difficult as information is spread across many different sources.

This thesis aims to provide an overview of business-process-centered approaches to software architecture through a systematic mapping study. It addresses the following research questions:

  1. How have business processes been modeled?
  2. How have business process models been used in architecting a business domain?
  3. How have business process models been used in architecting a software system?
  4. How can future research improve the current state of the field?

The resulting overview is meant for helping practitioners and researchers in, e.g. choosing software architecture approaches or identifying potential improvement on the topic.

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Radina Antonova