Development of Multi-Project Metric Dashboards for Heterogeneous Tool Environments


Complex and fast moving software development today requires that project leads supervise multiple projects. Furthermore, data from these projects is often distributed across different development tools (e.g. GIT/SVN/Trac/Jira/Confluence). Monitoring multiple of these projects can be quite challenging. This is particularly true for research projects in universities. Project leaders would greatly benefit from access to consolidated information about all of their projects in one place. This information could be software metrics for a special project or metrics that describe the status of multiple projects within its context. The metrics and other information should derived from the existing development infrastructure with minimal impact to it. Furthermore, the dashboard(s) should be seamlessly integrated into existing tools if possible.

First efforts in monitoring multi projects in SSE-Lab were made by Arthur Otto in his bachelor thesis: “Integration einer Metrik - Infrastruktur in die Projektverwaltung SSE-Lab”. In his thesis he developed a dashboard, which can be integrated in SSE-Lab and displays various information about the users project metrics. Another related thesis, is the one of Andrea Hutter (“Fachliche Integration von Metrik-Dashboards und Dashboard-Vorlagen für bestehende Software-Projekte”). This thesis delivers the basic requirements for the dashboards. Furthermore, in her thesis Elena Emelyanova developed a dashboard configuration achieved through flexible configuration of information need centered questions.


The main task in this bachelor thesis is the conception and development of a multi-project dashboard integrated into SSE-Lab and SCREEN. The data for the dashboard is calculated by enhancing the existing metric-kernels. Hence, they need to be refactored, enhanced and integrated in the new dashboard. Additionally it should be possible to partially configure this dashboard with a generic and easy extendable mechanism based on the research of Elena Emelyanova. The thesis will be concluded with an evaluation of the dashboard and configuration mechanism.

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Bastian Greber