Development of Quality Model for Domain Models

Development of Quality Model for Domain Models

Domain knowledge is an extensive understanding of the business, organization, process and industry. It is crucial in expounding and solving domain specific problems. To gain domain knowledge, domain analysis is performed by identifying domains, binding them, discovering commonalities and variabilities among the systems in the domain. According to Eric Evans, models are the backbone of a project, a poor quality model would definitely lead to mediocre implementation and resulting software would be a suspect. When big projects are considered, models come into the play. Domain model is one of them which captures the domain knowledge. It models domain problem and represents the real-world objects, the relations between them and the invariants. A high-quality domain model not only helps in better understanding of the domain but also facilitates the communication across the team as well as reduces the complexity of the domain. Different methods like category list technique and noun phrasing technique are the strategies available to create domain models. It is not just important to develop domain models, but the quality of domain models should also be a concern and it should be taken care of because domain model plays an important role in the system development process by serving as a fundamental blueprint for the subsequent development activities. Therefore, in this thesis, a quality model will be developed to describe, assess and assure the quality of the domain models. Furthermore, an evaluation of the resulting quality model in different domains is also presented in the end.


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Pooja Sompura Harisha