Framework for Reporting Enterprise Architecture Debts


Enterprise architecture debt (EA debt) is a metric that depicts the deviation of the current present state of the enterprise from a hypothetical ideal state. EA debt expands the concept of Technical Debt (TD) which focuses on only the technical aspects, by covering all the layers of an Enterprise Architecture (EA). As the EA debt concept is relatively young and the Enterprise Architecture Debt Management Framework (EADM) is also undergoing research, therefore the goal of this thesis is to work on the monitoring, documentation & communication activities of the EADM, to have a clear mechanism for reporting of EA debts. An EA debt reporting framework is implemented to create a reporting mechanism specifically for EA debts. Each component in the EA debt reporting framework is described and the requirement it fulfills in order to explain the purpose of each component. Finally, a front-end application is also implemented to interact with and showcase the EA debt reporting framework. This thesis serves as a basis for having a continuous reporting mechanism for the EA debts, and further research that has to be done in this area. In the future, this can be connected with the other activities of the EADM.


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