Investigation of bad smells and refactorings for automated end-to-end tests

The literature shows deficits in the area of test smells and refactoring methods for test code. Existing test smells and refactoring methods are limited to unit tests. The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the transferability to E2E test code. In the first part, 34 tests smells that exist in the literature were identified by a systematic literature review. We build on this to identify those smells from this set that are also relevant for E2E tests. The result shows that 26 of the 43 tests smells can be transferred to E2E tests. In the second part, a second systematic literature review was performed on refactoring methods for test code. Based on the existing refactoring methods, eight methods were developed for use in E2E test code. These were finally evaluated by an expert. Further research into this subject could look into the definition of new test smells for E2E test code and the optimization and addition of the developed methods.

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K├╝bra Ekici