Model-Driven Continuous Operation Platform

Nowadays, complex systems do not remain unchanged after delivery to the customer has been completed, but are constantly being further developed. For the development of software, there are already practices such as continuous integration / continuous deployment from the DevOps area. However, the software must be installed on infrastructure which is constantly changing. In addition, automatic compliance tests have become increasingly important in the context of laws such as the DSGVO. In this thesis the term continuous operation is introduced. This term summarizes all these sub tasks in the continuous development of a system. In order to support this process, the model-driven tool COMET has been further developed within the framework of this thesis. On the one hand, the focus is on the development of a technology agnostic model for the description of infrastructure and software. The reusability of the individual components also plays an important role. On the other hand, the practical part of this thesis focuses on the implementation of a new front end for COMET and the integration of the existing compliance

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Martin Bernhardt