Model-based Test Script Generation

Model-driven Test Script Generation from Abstract Test Data Models

Application systems represent an important group of software systems in today’s companies. One main characteristic of these systems is their usage of databases to store customer or product information. However, the databases can add additional complexity to the testing activities because different test cases may require the databases to contain specific but different information.

As it is essential for the functional testing of application systems to have a database containing the right test data, processes and techniques to provide the data are necessary parts of the test preparation.

Previous work focussed on generating test data from test design specifications. However, the generated test data is still in an platform-independent object-oriented but abstract format. In order to use the generated test data in actual automated tests, the data must be transformed into a platform-specific format.


The goal of this thesis is to develop a Model-driven Architecture to transform models of abstract test data into platform-specific test data formats such as Hibernate, SQL, XML, JSON, CSV etc.

Open questions in this context are

  • How should the transformations be designed in order to be extendable and customizable for a variety of different systems under test?
  • Does the target data format require certain constraints on the source data format?

Possible Tasks

  • Analyze popular and common data formats (SQL, XML, JSON, CSV, etc.)
  • Analyze popular and common test execution frameworks (JUnit, TestNG, Robot, …)
  • Create an extendable architecture and transformations based on the previous analysis
  • Implement the architecture using Eclipse EMF to demonstrate and evaluate the applicability
  • Implement additional constraints to ensure well-formedness of input and output models

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