A Viewpoint-Based Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Debt

Enterprise architecture (EA) debt represents the deviation in the process of fulfilling the target picture of EA. It introduces both monetary and nonmonetary consequences to the organization, such as sunk costs, increasing operational costs, and difficulties for future strategic executions. To deal with EA debts, all relevant stakeholders must first understand the current EA debt situation within their fields of interest, thereby allowing them to identify and execute strategic actions. Since an EA debt commonly involves various stakeholders with different viewpoints, the employed EA debt management (EADM) approach must be able to identify and fulfill the specific information needed by the viewpoints. Despite the plethora of theories and methods of viewpoint-based analysis in related fields (e.g. technical debt, EA management), such understanding and practice of such analysis have not been established in the context of EADM. Therefore, this study aims to design a framework for performing viewpoint-based analysis of EA debt. To achieve this, existing viewpoint-based methods are explored to identify applicable concepts/techniques for EA debt management and further requirements that are specific to EADM.

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Ather Maqsood