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Dr. Chayakorn Piyabunditkul
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Latest publications:

  • Tisanai Krisanathamakul, Chayakorn Piyabunditkul, Apinporn Methawachananont, Horst Lichter (2013):
    Towards a Systematic Approach for Objective based Software Process Tailoring. In Industrial Proceedings 20th European Conference EuroSPI 2013 Conference, 25.-27.06.2013, Dundalk, Ireland, Fergal McCaffery(ed.), DELTA Series about Software Improvement, Denmark, pp. 5.1–5.12.
  • Chayakorn Piyabunditkul (2013):
    Design and Evaluation of a CMMI conformant Light-Weight Project Management Approach Ph.D. Thesis. King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok. PDF
  • Tisanai Krisanathamakul, Chayakorn Piyabunditkul, Apinporn Methawachananon, Pawarat Nontasil (2012):
    SPI through Process Tailoring Framework with Objective-based Scoring Metric. In Euro SPI2 2012 : European Systems, Software & Service Process Pmprovement & Innovation : Industrial Proceedings : 19th Euro SPI2 Conference : [Vienna, Austria], 25.-27. June 2012 / [R. Messnarz et al. (Eds.)], DELTA, pp. 11, 23–31.
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