A Tool Based Approach for the Extraction of Reference Model Concepts

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The importance of the processes that support the development and maintenance of software has been generally acknowledged during the last years.  Hence, more and more organizations are obligated to identify, structure, and improve their processes systematically. As the process improvement road is quite long and expensive it needs to be guided. To support process improvement different IT reference models such as CMMI or COBIT can be considered and applied. Reference models (RMs) are collections of best practices (we call them procedures) based on experience and knowledge of many organizations. As the RMs are described in a different structure and are using different languages, a tool based approach for a semiautomatic extraction of RMs? concepts and normalization of the language used is needed.  This should realize a semiautomatic construction of an integrated database of RMs based on common meta-models and on a common language. The resulting RM integration model enables organizations to more efficiently implement multiple RMs by a better understanding and an automated comparison of RMs.


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Ana-Maria-Cristina Dragomir