Enabling architecture descriptions based on heterogeneous meta-models in the context of ARAMIS.

Software architecture is essential for the software systems. In practice, the software architecture description is usually outdated and therefore, software architecture reconstruction approaches are proposed in order to reconstruct the architectures of the existing software systems. One typical problem is that, the software architecture reconstruction tools are using their own specific languages to describe the architecture, while the practitioners use a variety of other different languages. The number of existing architectural languages is high and there are debates suggesting that these number might continue to increase, instead of the improbable emergence of only one universal language that unifies the already proposed ADLs. Due to this fact, this thesis proposes a conceptual process to adapt the heterogeneous ADLs in the context of ARAMIS - a research project emerged in the Software Construction Group of RWTH Aachen University that also addresses the problem of of software architecture reconstruction.

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Dung Tien Le