Systematic Architectural Decision Management

Background Software Architecture is much more than the design of the system itself. Advancements in the field have shown that the documentation of the rationale that lies behind a given de facto state plays a crucial role in understanding and evolving a given system. The architecture rationale is mainly embodied in the architectural decisions made by the architects over the time with respect to a given system. Therefore, efforts should be invested to meaningfully document these decisions. Task The goal of this master thesis is to analyze and propose an improvement of the decision process of our cooperation partner. To achieve this, an extensive literature review will be performed to compare the state of the art with their current situation. The thesis will focus on developing an ideal decision making process and tool-support, mainly analyzing and improving the documentation form of our cooperation?s partner architectural decisions. Feedback loops will be analyzed and relevant metrics for measuring the success of the decision process will be proposed. The content of the decisions and their alignment with stated architecture principles and guidelines is analyzed within the scope of another master thesis (see

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Tiberiu Budau