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An Exploration Plattform for Microservice Applications

The microservice architecture pattern is a software architecture pattern that structures a software application into many individual services that are closely aligned with business capabilities. To be able to explore the effect of changes in a software architecture on the quality of the software system, one usually needs a system under test. These are often missing in the microservice context and can only be used with high information loss by software architecture reconstruction. In this research project we try to develop a platform that allows explorations on microservice architectures and thus does not require the existence of microservice applications and their reconstruction for research on microservice systems.

Security modelling in system architectures

It is impossible to imagine today's world without software: whether it is smartphones, with which we carry a powerful computer with us almost everywhere and are connected to the Internet around the clock, highly scalable cloud applications that we use in our everyday working lives, airports, hospitals, supermarkets - the list of areas in which software is used in one form or another seems endless. Being surrounded by software, most of which being connected to the internet all the time, i.e. 24/7 potential vulnerabilities for outside intruders and attackers, emphesizes the need for secure software. In order to cope with the high complexity introduced by solutions of security requirements in software architecture, appropriate modelling techniques are required. While there have been some approaches to security modeling in recent years, none of them address the problem of complexity that arises when modeling security-related concepts. In this research project, we aim to develop a new approach to build lightweight and easily accessible security models for software architectures or IT architectures. We want to investigate which practical obstacles hinder the use of existing modeling concepts in industrial and academic contexts. Based on this, we want to develop new approaches to mitigate the obstacles and thus create a more usable approach for security modeling.


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